I Almost Forgot

I almost forgot it was Monday. I have had a day of activity, albeit modest. Now back at home and winding down, it occurred to me that I almost missed my Monday post. I have been doing it consistently for just about a year now. Aside from one missed Monday (December 15th) I have been posting every Monday since late June or early July of last year. I have found it a valuable exercise. Even in phases when I have not been writing much I can still sit down and churn a little something out for Mondays. Occasionally these posts end up being thoughtful reflections. I have often learned as I have written. Sometimes I am taken with the turn of a phrase that pops up on its own. At times these posts are nothing more than a brief rundown of a given day, or week. I won’t predict much about this one. Other than its brevity. It will likely be brief. And unedited.

I saw my folks off to the airport this morning. They are off to California for two weeks with some friends. I returned home to pick up our Austrian houseguest (and dear friend) to turn right around and get her to the airport. We had a full car on the first run and her flight was a couple of hours after my folks and their friends. I almost sat to write my Monday blog post when I got back home but I got caught up in a few other jobs I wanted to do around here.

After a bit of grocery shopping, I took a bunch of things down to the locker in the basement in an effort to de-clutter cupboards and storage spaces up here in the condo. I made a run to the beer store to return a collection of bottles and cans, tucking $10 in my pocket for the deposits.

Now that this condo is almost empty of people (just Grandma and I for a while now), I tidied up the condo next door and moved my gear back here. I had been based there for about a week as my Aunt and Uncle are away on an Alaskan Cruise. They are due to return on Thursday. After a few loads of laundry, hanging out and chatting with Grandma (and getting her lunch), and a quick nap, the time came for me to head to the church for a meditation.

I have been offering meditations there whenever I am in town and able to do so. I did one last week and will do a few more in June while I am around. I have been offering them here at the condo also, on Tuesdays. We had a great group out and a nice quiet meditation. Though it took me a little while to settle into it, I found it to be a beautiful sit.

Once I got home I sat down to check a few messages and almost dozed off before realizing that I ALMOST FORGOT TO POST! So, this is it, I guess. I will mention that I may not be posting with consistency throughout the summer. I have a summer job starting next Monday which will see me traveling across Canada with an awesome group of youth on a Pilgrimage. I am excited to be adventuring with these brave souls and I look forward to the fun and growth we will all share together. We are going all the way from Vancouver to Newfoundland – coast to coast! You can follow our progress here. Though the journey is not until July, my contract starts next week. There are plenty of final details to organize. I imagine my post frequency will fluctuate along with the journey. I may well be able to maintain some consistency but I am relinquishing certainty in order to let everything unfold as it will.

So that’s it for today! Maybe see you next week. Thanks for reading!



Short and Sweet (Winter Retreat)

Wintry Woods

I have just come home from an incredibly refreshing weekend in the woods with about eighty amazing people. We were inside, mind you, most of the time. It was an especially crisp and cold weekend, but very bright and alive. The sky was clear and the sun was strong. Five Oaks was our host – a gracious space to sing and dance, dream and plan, love, play and pray. I feel as though I have been bathing in waves of love buzzing all around us – within us and through us too – vibrating endlessly, breaking down walls and building bridges. This morning I watched a thin sliver of moon blend into a bluing sky as the sun rose on our final day. I saw it all as one – the grand play of light. We all partake, awake or otherwise.

Now home, our Family Day dinner digested, the last four days seem like a blur, a whirlwind. My mind feels like mush and I am ready for bed. But I want to write a few words reflecting on this wondrous weekend. I was blessed to participate in the Youth Forum Winter Retreat leading up to the United Church of Canada’s 42nd General Council. Many of us will reconnect there this summer, some of us making a cross-country pilgrimage. I feel honoured to be among those going on the journey from coast to coast, heading west to east, arriving in Newfoundland in early August. There is a lot of change on the table and I am inspired to see so many youth with the wisdom and will to work for new ways to express and connect with our sense of spirit.

It was such a gift to meet so many authentically spiritually-engaged youth. I feel excited and encouraged. And happily exhausted. Now doesn’t feel like the moment to dig much deeper into it all. I just wanted to put a few words up here before I lay my head down for a long rest. I hope my new friends from all over Canada have returned home safely (or are at least on course) and that we keep our heart’s fire alive!

Lots of love.