Preparing a Return to Work

I’ve been offline for a while – mostly eating, drinking and being merry.  It has been a great holiday season, and I will be back into my groove soon!  Keep an eye out for a new post this week.  I hope everyone has had a chance to pause in the chaos of the season and to experience some of the light that is available in such abundance.  There have been serious power outages up this way (Southern Ontario and Quebec) and despite the cold and dark, I trust there is a chance to connect with the inner light at times like these.  I send love and warmth to those still without power.

I pray that your hearts are warm and your bellies full.  Let’s all consider how we can use the gifts of abundance from this season to fuel earnest work in the New Year, serving our sisters and brothers for the betterment of life here.  Simple local action is the best way to begin.  There’s nowhere closer than your own heart!

Much love and light!