Brief Update

It’s been quite a while since I posted here. My recent season of school was a full one. Four years ago now, I was just settling into Emmanuel College, which was a great place to learn, grow and connect. Alongside my studies, I was also fortunate to grow into a role at Islington United Church, offering spiritual care in a community I grew up in. It has been a gift to pair these elements of learning and service over the past four years. Yet the ‘busyness’ of this season seems to have seen me living largely on momentum rather than intention. As I continue my work in spiritual care at IUC, I feel called to refocus myself.

In part to invite intention more steadily into my daily living, I am starting a four-month course today called the Purpose Discovery Program. As a part of it, we have been encouraged to share this news with our various circles of community and to invite your support. While I feel I have already done quite a bit of work to tune into my purpose over the past decade and change, I feel ready to refresh and renew that exploration through this course.

(In the interest of transparency, much of the following text has been copied and pasted from our first course module, though I have amended it here and there to be sure I can express it wholeheartedly.)

In this course I will be working to clarify and embody my soul’s deepest purpose. I am ready to step beyond my current default purposes of security and comfort insofar as they show up in ways that hold me and my greatest gifts back. Though these things are still of value to me, I want to live more deeply, to “suck out all the marrow of life,” as Thoreau put it, and to more fully experience life from a place of my true purpose—the gift of service that I am born to offer this world.

For the next several months, I am gently pruning back on a number of things including screen time and socializing. I am requesting two things from you, my deeply valued community. First, I’d appreciate you taking a moment to send up a prayer for my success with this program. Your well wishes would feel good to me. Second, I ask for your understanding over the next months, as I will be curtailing much of my usual social time to create space for this spiritual journey. If you are curious about what this purpose/Soul journey is all about, you are welcome to check out this website.

Finally, if you are interested in tasting a bit of the fruit of my recent studies, I have attached my MDiv thesis below (on pilgrimage). Feel free to have a peek.

Peace for now, friends!


2 thoughts on “Brief Update

  1. Thank you, James. I wish you much love and peace as you set out on this four-month course.

    I have downloaded your thesis and have begun to read it …. Thanks for posting.

    Jawad A. Kassab, LLB, MBA, MDiv

    Governance and Operations Consultant

    Vice-Chair, Fred Victor


    Cell: 416 606-2753


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