Wherever we see Division, There is Truly Union

We have never really been apart. We’re all a part of the same life force, the same dance of creation. My being is entirely unified with yours. And so with all existence. There was no process that led to this unification. It has always been. It is only our awareness of this reality that wavers. Some of us may seem to get caught in momentary ignorance of our unity, but it doesn’t change the fact that all is one.

It’s easy to focus on the lines appearing between us, especially in times of conflict and upheaval. We foolishly reinforce these divisions by taking them so seriously. But we can eventually come to see that these lines actually bind things instead of dividing them. Diversity doesn’t equate opposition. We can be different from others without there being a ‘right side’ and a ‘wrong side’. Such a polarizing mindset keeps us from building bridges or middle ground.

If we ever feel like some people ‘just don’t get it’, it means there is a part of ourselves that doesn’t yet get it. Instead of demonizing others, maybe we can encourage them to explore more deeply. Seeing beyond the various ideas or beliefs we may hold, we can focus more attention on the undeniable reality of our very being. Vague as this may sound, it has incredible power. We can only discover it by trying. We find guidance when we seek truth in our own hearts. In time, we realize that seeing ourselves as ‘better than’ anyone else limits our sense of joy and connection, building walls within us.

Isolated diversity tree hands

But even if we do catch ourselves comparing with others, considering ourselves ‘more awake’ or ‘more evolved’, perhaps our work could be gently ushering others along their own paths of growth. Our insights aren’t necessarily relevant to anyone else. Each person has to ‘connect the dots’ from the inside out. Instead of imposing our vision of progress on anyone, we can let people have their own breakthroughs. We can let them feel whatever they are feeling without trying to correct them. Without any trace of condescension, we can support people in the often sloppy and lopsided process of healing and growing.

This is obviously a lot harder when we sense a big difference in our beliefs and behaviours. We might even wonder if we should try to be kind to those who seem so full of hate. But it is all the more important for us to see with the unbiased eyes of love in these instances. This doesn’t mean we should avoid the issues that seem to divide us – these are perhaps most important for us to discuss – but we should enter these conversations with our inherent unity in sight. We can explore others’ ideas with earnest curiosity and a desire to understand them.

This doesn’t mean we won’t stand up in the face of abuse or tyranny, but we will stay in touch with our inner harmony as we speak out. We can keep eternity in mind even as we endeavour to address the temporary. And our voices will be stronger as a result.

Words spoken from the heart will be received by the heart. This kind of sharing has greater impact than trying to convince or convert others to seeing things ‘our way’ (usually with a not-so subtle implication that one is right and one is wrong). Eschewing duality, we can seek that which holds each of us equally. This is how bridges are built. This is how we foster openness and authenticity.

Without a specific agenda of our own, we can encourage others to become more of who they truly are. As we look deeper into our own hearts, sensing our collective interconnection, we see that love is at our very core, and thus must be for one and all, no matter how rigid or twisted anyone’s outer shell may seem.

Eventually we’ll discover that those who are hardest to love are those who need it most. So keep on loving. Watch the walls fall.


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