Thanks for Everything, Cuenca!

It’s been a blast! 🙂 I really love life down here. I trust I will be back before too long. But for now, the road home is calling me onward. And I feel blessed to be able to stop along the coast for a week or so to help out with the ongoing earthquake relief efforts. More to come on that next time…

I know I have been slipping in my reportage on here lately, moving along at roughly a monthly pace…but I have certainly been active around town, and I am deeply appreciative of the many opportunities to be involved with life here. I had a chance to share a piece I wrote about the earthquake at a relief benefit, and I will soon be joining the efforts in Canoa where all proceeds from the benefit were directed. There is no shortage of places to help here…as the rebuilding on the coast will be going for years to come.

Realizing I would be leaving town so soon, I finally got up to Cajas National Park, a short busride from Cuenca, and enjoyed an incredible day with my dear friend, Sol. She has been in town since mid-May and has been finding various opportunities to teach yoga, share singing workshops and perform her great music live in concert. Anyone who comes to Cuenca would surely be grateful to spend a day up in these amazing mountains. Cajas truly blew us away.

Another popular attraction around Cuenca is the thermal spas – Los Baños. A meditation client who has become a friend invited me to join him to the swanky thermal spa where he has a membership. It was an incredible morning. The skies were blue and we spent hours pampering ourselves in the saunas, Turkish steam room, mud pools, naturally hot and cold baths, among other amenities. It was amazing.

The month of June has seen me hopping around a bit, house-sitting in one place for the first half of the month, and then dog-sitting for the last half. I am now feeling geared up and ready to move. Though I didn’t get as much editing done as I wanted to in this home-stretch, I have accomplished a good amount of work overall and feel ready to press on to whatever comes next. I am excited to see family and friends back in Canada and I am looking forward to my older brother’s wedding next month. It will be nice to shift back into summer at home. 🙂

I won’t go on much longer here as I am getting my backpack in order for a bus ride tomorrow morning, but I just wanted to send out a heartfelt thanks to all I have been blessed to encounter here in Cuenca; my writing groups, meditation circles, drum circles, my dear musical friends, the Love Tribe, church friends, one-off poker pals, random street encounters,  and many other friendly faces and open hearts. It has been a delight! And to my favourite restaurant in town, Govinda’s, I would be remiss if I didn’t express my gratitude for the many fine meals I have enjoyed…and the Richard Clayderman playing on repeat… 😉

I hear that internet is scarce where I am headed, so I will likely be offline for a while, but I will share a full report of life on the coast when I am back online.

Much love to all! 😀

As usual, a few photos to follow:

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