On the Move to Munich

After a quick week whipped by hosting a beautiful yoga group at Ebbio, I am back at Pignano, spending a few relaxing days with my friends here. In a couple of days I will head north to Munich. For a while there I didn’t figure I would head up into the wintery north but now I am glad to be making a move. I am keen to see a few friends in and around the city. I will wander over to Salzburg also. I even found a super colourful ski jacket from the 80s to keep me warm – and very stylish. Lots of zippers. And it’s reversible! I will have to get a picture of that up at some point.

The yoga group was small – just eight women – but their energy was very focused. It felt great to support them as they dug in and did their deep inner work. I could feel it. I kept several fires alive, as the house had been quite cool, and I played a good amount of guitar. I even wrote a couple of new songs, which I hadn’t done in quite a while. One came out pretty well finished and the other is still gestating a wee bit.

After a few weeks of routine on the farm, life shifted with the arrival of the group. We hosted a band (folks associated with Osho) just a couple of days before the group arrived and it was fun to dance and sing and meditate with them. Good energy. Then the preparations began for the last yoga group of the year. It is rare to host folks so late in the season. We had to keep a lot of fires burning to keep the old stone house somewhat warm. But we all managed to make it through the week in one piece and almost always in good spirits. I was smiling steadily.

I was rising at about 6:30 most mornings and stirring the previous evening’s embers into a fire, feeding some scraps of cardboard and bits of kindling to encourage it to life. I had fairly full days, with reasonable windows of rest, and usually got to bed around 10:30.

It was great to have Luca the chef back in the kitchen cooking at full gear. He works such wonders in there. His onion soup one night nearly knocked me off of my seat. Incredible. Cooking with love really does something to the food…I am amazed anew with each meal he serves.

I also fasted a couple of days in the past little while – both of the last Sundays, I suppose. Nothing extreme like past fasts – just a day here or there. I enjoy the chance to clear out and process anything that may be lingering within. It makes me think of self-cleaning ovens – we often have plenty of things ‘stuck to the walls’ that we don’t burn off because we are constantly filling ourselves. But that’s neither here nor there.

I spent a lot of time just appreciating the animals and the land as I roamed about Ebbio. It really is a little slice of heaven. I have been blessed with some very powerful moments of incredibly pure presence (totally spontaneous ‘meditation’), some sitting still with eyes closed and others while strolling about the grounds. Stunning silence and spaciousness. Lots of spontaneous laughter recently. Life is such a gift. And it guides itself. I love seeing so clearly that we need not wrestle with anything. Everything is tended.

Here are a few shots from the last couple of weeks:


You get the picture.

Well – I think I will keep it brief today. I just wanted to put a quick word up here while I had better internet. Hope all is well wherever you are.

Also, I am sending love and healing vibes to my cousin Gordie who is in hospital in Pennsylvania with infection after brain surgery. Send him some love if you can spare. It will come back to you when you need it… 🙂

Ciao. Next update likely from Munich (or Salzburg).

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