Plans Change

Just a very quick one today. The light is fading from the sky and I am still hoping to sit out on a stone wall and crack open a few walnuts and almonds for a bit. I was up in the olive trees again today after about a week off the job. We had a few days of rain here at Ebbio, which effectively stops all olive picking.

But today was gorgeous and the rest of the week is supposed to be much the same. I thought at this time last week that I might be in Munich by now. But not yet. We shall see. I was due to visit a shaman in the north of Italy with my friend and host here but apparently some snow fell and he was not so keen on the outdoor ceremony and camping with limited supplies. My idea was to hop north to Munich from there but now it looks like I will be here at least another week helping with our olive harvest. I can’t say for sure at the moment if I will even head north anymore. Part of me is more keen to head south for the warmer weather. However, we have another yoga group booked in a couple of weeks and I may just hang around to help out with them.

Front of the big house.

Front of the big house.

Either way I am in good shape. I have been enjoying the alternating days of labour and leisure here. I went to the spa yesterday with my host and his family. My fingers were well pruned after a day in the thermal springs. It was a most relaxing day. Then I sat to send some love and ‘good vibes’ to my family who were gathered for the burial of my grandfather. Even after more than two years since his death, I felt his presence very strongly in my heart as I opened myself to gratitude and warm memories of him. It is endlessly amazing how powerful love can be. I wish I could have been with my family in person, also, but I was happy to support in spirit. Grandpa would understand that I have to go on living, wherever it may take me.

Well, that’s about it for now…short and sweet! Have a great week all! I hope to touch base again in about a week…


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