Off to Italy


Here I sit in Gate C32 at Pearson Airport awaiting my flight to Rome. I was hoping to get a quick blog post off earlier today but I was busily tending to final chores before leaving. I am traveling with only a small backpack and my guitar this time around, knowing I need very little to get by.

Once in Italy I hope to return to a regular blogging rhythm. This summer sped by with very little writing to speak of. But it has been quite a summer indeed. I travelled across Canada with an awesome group of youth and we had ourselves quite a time. It is a bit of a blur looking back, but I am so grateful for the opportunity to explore our country in such a way. I am surprised I didn’t get posting more about it sooner. I got out of the habit of blogging and let it slide. Some further reflections will likely emerge over the next little while.

So get ready for more stories from the road! Here they come… This will be a simple start for now. I am writing on an iPad for the first time, as they are sitting here at the airport in abundance, open to any and all.

My plans are pretty basic for the next few months. Home base will be Ebbio, a farm in Tuscany that I lived and worked on a few years back. I will work a bit and wander as I feel led. I hope to say hello to a number of friends here and there, though I won’t likely wander too far north for now. I intend to return to Toronto for Christmas, and have a return flight booked for just that. So maybe I will stay warm in the south of Italy for a while leading up to that. We shall see.

The boarding has just begun, so I will sign off for now.

Enjoy the journey everyone! 😀 We’re all on an adventure whether we know it or not…so ride the road you’re on! See how it goes…and let me know.

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