I Only Missed a Month


Well, a month has passed since I last posted anything here. Working in an office for most of that month made it easy to let the days slip by. I was in by nine and back home by about five, then quickly off (on Mondays and Tuesdays) to facilitate evening meditation. I saw how a routine can develop so naturally. Lather, rinse, repeat. But important things can be overlooked in the course of being ‘busy’, even preparing for this ambitious pilgrimage. And so now that our journey is underway, and we are free of the office, I feel suddenly compelled to check in here again.

I am with a group of thirteen youth, from all over this beautiful and broad country of ours – Canada. We are in Vancouver, having arrived two days ago, and we are set to explore this vast land from west coast to east over the next six weeks. We are sleeping on the floor of Shaughnessy United Church. I am up early this morning, having rested fairly well. Some of us will be meeting soon for some morning yoga before breakfast.  And then out into the day.

Breakfast will be a bit simpler this morning, setting ourselves up a basic bagel and cereal buffet. A bit of fruit, too. Yesterday we rose to a beautiful spread of yogurt, granola, fresh blueberries and raspberries, scrambled eggs and waffles. It was prepared and served to us by Ian Hanomansing (CBC Broadcaster) and his family. He and his wife, Nancy, and their son, James, are involved with the church here and volunteered to serve us breakfast. I found it funny to hear his booming, broadcaster’s voice describing the contents of the buffet as opposed to the events of the day, as I am accustomed to; “the blueberries and raspberries were freshly picked just yesterday…”

As we emerged from the church after breakfast we were stirred by a curious and almost ominous yellow sky. Looking to the north and the slice of clear sky above the mountains, we realized we were beneath a huge cloud of smoke. The wildfires are burning in the bush nearby and smoke is hovering above us. There was an air quality advisory posted for the city yesterday and it is still in effect for today. We will do our best to breathe lightly and not push ourselves too far.

I will sign off for the moment, happy I had a chance to post this Monday, welcoming any and all of your warm thoughts for our adventure across Canada. It will be an incredible time of growth and exploration for all of us.

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Keep on Traveling Light.

I’ll do what I can…


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