I Almost Forgot

I almost forgot it was Monday. I have had a day of activity, albeit modest. Now back at home and winding down, it occurred to me that I almost missed my Monday post. I have been doing it consistently for just about a year now. Aside from one missed Monday (December 15th) I have been posting every Monday since late June or early July of last year. I have found it a valuable exercise. Even in phases when I have not been writing much I can still sit down and churn a little something out for Mondays. Occasionally these posts end up being thoughtful reflections. I have often learned as I have written. Sometimes I am taken with the turn of a phrase that pops up on its own. At times these posts are nothing more than a brief rundown of a given day, or week. I won’t predict much about this one. Other than its brevity. It will likely be brief. And unedited.

I saw my folks off to the airport this morning. They are off to California for two weeks with some friends. I returned home to pick up our Austrian houseguest (and dear friend) to turn right around and get her to the airport. We had a full car on the first run and her flight was a couple of hours after my folks and their friends. I almost sat to write my Monday blog post when I got back home but I got caught up in a few other jobs I wanted to do around here.

After a bit of grocery shopping, I took a bunch of things down to the locker in the basement in an effort to de-clutter cupboards and storage spaces up here in the condo. I made a run to the beer store to return a collection of bottles and cans, tucking $10 in my pocket for the deposits.

Now that this condo is almost empty of people (just Grandma and I for a while now), I tidied up the condo next door and moved my gear back here. I had been based there for about a week as my Aunt and Uncle are away on an Alaskan Cruise. They are due to return on Thursday. After a few loads of laundry, hanging out and chatting with Grandma (and getting her lunch), and a quick nap, the time came for me to head to the church for a meditation.

I have been offering meditations there whenever I am in town and able to do so. I did one last week and will do a few more in June while I am around. I have been offering them here at the condo also, on Tuesdays. We had a great group out and a nice quiet meditation. Though it took me a little while to settle into it, I found it to be a beautiful sit.

Once I got home I sat down to check a few messages and almost dozed off before realizing that I ALMOST FORGOT TO POST! So, this is it, I guess. I will mention that I may not be posting with consistency throughout the summer. I have a summer job starting next Monday which will see me traveling across Canada with an awesome group of youth on a Pilgrimage. I am excited to be adventuring with these brave souls and I look forward to the fun and growth we will all share together. We are going all the way from Vancouver to Newfoundland – coast to coast! You can follow our progress here. Though the journey is not until July, my contract starts next week. There are plenty of final details to organize. I imagine my post frequency will fluctuate along with the journey. I may well be able to maintain some consistency but I am relinquishing certainty in order to let everything unfold as it will.

So that’s it for today! Maybe see you next week. Thanks for reading!



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