Shorter and Sweeter

If last week was short and sweet, this week’s post will be even more so. It’s been a wild week around here. On Tuesday morning my Grandma had a serious seizure and we spent the whole day in the hospital with her.  She was showing signs of a stroke and we were wondering if it may be the end of the road for her but she made an incredible recovery. We had a lot of people praying for her and we are so grateful for the love that was surrounding her. The doctors could not figure out what had caused the seizure but they sent her home that night. We were surprised at her recovery already at that point and were glad to get her into her own bed for the rest she needed.

The next night I got last minute tickets to see Father John Misty down at the Danforth Music Hall. The show had been sold out for months and I was really excited to get tickets. I told Grandma what I was up to when I left and I was very surprised in the morning when she remembered what I had been up to. This was unusual.

We were all shocked over the next few days to see an incredible improvement in her working memory. She was suddenly able to read the paper and discuss current events, which she hadn’t done for years. She was well enough to attend my cousin’s wedding on Saturday and the whole family was very happy to see her so well.

The incredible energy we felt as she was in mid-seizure and we (my Father and Aunt) were praying around her must have ‘knocked something loose’ within her and awakened dormant capacities. It was so amazing to see her back in a way that we hadn’t seen in years.

She has since settled back into her very peaceful and forgetful frame of mind that we had been accustomed to over the past few years. She stayed with my Aunt and Uncle last night as the rest of our family headed off for my other Grandmother’s 80th birthday dinner. There was a great spirit in the air and it wrapped up the whirlwind week in fine form.

We watched the Oscars after we got home and slept well. My brother headed back to Montreal this morning and I am heading back to Montreal tomorrow.

This didn’t really go anywhere, but there’s the rundown. The sequence of events. In all honesty I just wanted to get something up before midnight, as I had forgotten about blogging today. I had a nap before dinner and it completely left my mind.

This is it for today! Have a great week all! Catch you next Monday.


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