From the Sickbed

Not much energy to say a whole lot today.  I have spent most of the last three days in bed, sleeping a lot, dealing with quite a bug.  It’s a bad cold, I guess.  I have not felt sick to my stomach once, but these never-ending aches and overall exhaustion are rocking my body.  I have been glad to watch it all at times with a calm, meditative perspective, taking it as a growth opportunity.  That is obviously sunny-side thinking, which I am grateful for.  And I do believe it is an opportunity, as anything can be.  I really can’t do much but lay in bed, alternating waves of cold or heat rushing over me, so I have the time to be very aware of my thinking.  I see how it influences my reaction to this bout of illness.  At times I am so alert and aware that my mind falls perfectly silent.  These are peaceful moments.  I see that they are the foundation for all else – the silence.  Like I have learned in the past, a great storm has the potential to show you the calm at its heart.  I feel blessed to be checking in regularly with this calm.  That said, I could still benefit from some ‘good vibrations’ sent out from anyone reading this.  Send a positive thought of healing and perhaps I’ll bounce back a bit sooner.  Either way, all I can do is let it all play out.

As the bug was setting in, a part of me almost relished the chance to laze in bed for a day with movies and soup.  The reality is far from what I’d dreamt up.  I only managed to watch one movie yesterday, the effort of following it exhausting enough.  I didn’t manage any the day before, sleeping through most of the day.  Both yesterday morning and this morning I arose feeling as if it was fading away, but it seems to step up a bit and progress once I am awake.  So, I will keep patient and faithful and do my best not to wrestle with this.  I hope not too many have to face this bug.  It’s no fun.  Let this be a call to ratchet up your preventative measures!  Gargle hot salt water.  Drink lemon water.  Eat an orange.  Have some tea with ginger and honey.  If you’re bold, toss back a clove of garlic.  Drink lots of water.  Don’t get caught with your guard down on this one!

Time to crawl back into bed.



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