It’s January Fifth!

The home of the J-5 Crew!

January 5

It turns out I have a whole bunch of friends born on this day. Two of my best friends share this birthday (and incidentally, they also share the names of my parents). We are going to head out to celebrate it tonight. It seems there are a few other cool cats who share birthdays today. A couple of my favourite random traveller buddies from my years on the road share this birthday, too. One of my current roommates is a fellow J-5 Crew member, as well as my Aunt, which I only recently learned about.  My cousin is due to give birth any moment, as today is her due date, so we may well be adding one more groovy soul to the J-5 Crew!

And that’s where my head has been at today. I thought about today’s full moon and wondered if it might give a wee boost to the baby waiting to jump out and join the world. Many suggest that the heightened energy of a full moon can offer a nudge to mothers-in-the-making. I just hope that everything goes well, whenever the young one joins us.

I was out for a swim this morning with my Godson James and his twin sister Josie (as well as their mother, my good friend Michelle).  They are just over a year old now and they were loving the swim in the shallow (and slightly warmer) waters of the nearby kiddie pool. I love being around learning. I love learning myself, of course, but in general it is a great energy to be around. Discovery. It can also be scary, which is why so many of us grow up and shut ourselves off from the raw power and potential of the unknown. We would rather be ‘safe’ and ‘stable’ than expanding and exploring. This is understandable. But I think we would all benefit from a deep dive into the murky waters of mystery once in a while.

It looks like this will be another quick Monday blog…and wholly off the cuff, as my holiday ramblings have tended to be. It’s dinnertime now and I am soon heading out to help a friend move some furniture. Then off for some J-5 birthday celebrations (and perhaps a Gold Medal celebration for the young Canadian hockey players…) I am heading back to Montreal in the morning and getting back into my work routine. It’s been a lovely break spending time with my family but it’s time to return to work.

I hope you all embrace the opportunity to grow into this New Year and dive into the unknown. Let it challenge and change you. You will only be stronger for it.

Happy Monday, Happy Full Moon and Happy Birthday to all the J-5 Crew out there!!!


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