On Alignment

Flower of Life

Life can line up in funny ways. Especially when we let it. I have been blessed to frequently find myself in the vortex of life’s synchronicity. I have seen life reveal its inherent balance, seeing outside mirroring inside, sensing deeply that everything is connected and quietly in tune. ‘As above, so below’, as the phrase goes. But we can so easily get in the way of this blissful harmony and find ourselves struggling and striving in vain, experiencing only discord. Eventually, however, whether due to exhaustion or insight, our efforts fall back into rest and we can reflect on the beautiful mystery of symmetry.

It could well be argued that balance is the law of the universe. Of course, there is little need to argue anything like this. I imagine those who sense this balance deeply, honouring it with gentle vigilance, are aware also of the futility of trying to convince anyone of anything through argumentative means. Discussion is one thing, but disagreement often backfires and strengthens stances. We can check our own intentions when challenging anything or anyone. Are we truly trying to help or are we just trying to be right? We would be wise to allow others’ wrong ideas to fall away on their own, from the inside out. Simply living in balance, modelling one’s peace and ease with life, is far more effective in showing others how to trust life’s leanings and learn from its endless lessons.

We already have all we will ever need. It’s just a matter of coming to see it that changes our whole experience of life. This realization may flicker and fade at times, and then rage forth and burn up old ideas and beliefs, past habits and stances crumbling under the lens of pure light. Real sight is a gift we have already been given. All we can do is relax and receive it. It turns the world on its head. It lays all battles to bed. It forgives all we have said. All we have done. Because we are already one.

This balance in life, this synchronistic alignment, can guide us through letting go of everything we have been carrying. It can help us to see what is essential and encourage us to set aside all that is not. Which is a lot. But in the place of all we had gathered and dragged we are given so much more. At least it feels that way. Soon we may come to see that we already had it all. The real juice of life is right here. Right now. All experiences are equally fleeting, despite the degree of debris left in memory. We can allow the deepest joy of life to step forward this very moment, completely uncaused, solely for the sake of itself. And then it spreads. Effortlessly.


As I traveled through Europe, falling in deeper alignment with life’s wonder and its nudges, I began to see through clearer eyes. Without trying to decode or unravel the mystery of symmetry, without trying to crack open each miracle and extract its meaning, I simply smiled and ‘tipped my cap’, grateful to feel as though I was on course. This seemed to accelerate my awakening to a truth that is so close it can’t be spoken. It’s so close it can’t be known. Not in the way most of us imagine we can ‘know’ things, at least. It can’t be held. It does the holding, so to speak.

On Friday night my brother and I watched Interstellar with our roommate and we shared waves of shivers as the story culminated, leaving us awash in tingling wonder. We talked afterwards of experiences in our own lives that went deeper than the obvious, deeper than that which made ‘sense’ to our logic. Our goosebumps grew as we shared, as if the room was full of the very vibrations which incite such sensations, as if an invisible string had been struck, and rung through us, reverberating and revealing our innate interconnection with everything.

We went on to a few readings from a beautiful, intuitive book by a friend, Dancing in the Mirror, and found it speaking with crystal clarity, reaching through to the very moment we stood in. My brother stood changing a light-bulb in the bathroom, then re-fastening the fixture to the wall, as I stood beside him reading through three brief passages, each echoing from a place of depth and truth, miraculously mirroring the moment. We laughed and hugged afterwards as I felt continuing connective vibrations rooting a subtle yet certain sense of presence. It was already there. It’s always here.

At the best of times I am without doubt about this presence. These, too, are just passing experiences, of course. But I feel in these moments a taste of the eternal. I find it expressed in life’s beautiful and broad balance, well beyond any framing. It is mysterious even when we embrace it, elusive and evasive when grasped at. But by trusting life, even in apparent contradiction, we can be carried through to moments of clarity where we can habituate intuitive understanding, past clouds clearing, and we can see through our illusions to realize who we are and release all we are not.

So let’s trust life’s alignment and try not to figure it all out. We can humbly embrace balance and let love lead.

Have a happy Monday!




What a week.  I’ve been in bed for days.  It’s no way to live.  Not in the long run, anyhow.  I’ve watched an awful lot of movies and slept a lot.  It’s a luxury.  I know many don’t have the time to be as sick as I’ve been.  But this bug just wouldn’t quit.  Even now that it’s done, it hasn’t quit, exactly.  It left bronchitis in its wake.  It feels like I have butter in my lungs.  When I breathe deeply you’d swear someone was shaking maracas.  When this cold got going, I thought being sick might be kind of nice for a couple of days.  Cuddling up in bed with a few movies and some soup seemed a relaxing recipe.  But here I am more than a week later – my energy back, the fever gone – and I am still in recovery.

Maybe it never ends?  Recovery.  Is that such a bad prospect?  Never-ending recovery.  I suppose it all depends on context.  If we’re in it together, helping one another along, I think I could get behind it.  We could have a few laughs along the way.  It reminds me of a quote by Ram Dass, “We’re all just walking each other home.”  That image comes to mind quite regularly.  There is something very true in it.  And this process of healing, like life, is often a few sloppy steps forward followed by one or two back, or maybe even stopping for a rest on a bench.  As long as we’re walking together, trusting the path, does it really matter where we’re going?  Whether we’re guided by some distant star, or simply the hand we’re holding as we walk along, isn’t the moving forward what matters?  I don’t really know.  Just musing.

Does the road to recovery go somewhere?  It sounds silly, I know, but is recovery a place?  Was there some past state where no illness tread?  What are we trying to recover?  What are we trying to recover from?  I really don’t know.

Recovery.  Now I am sitting here wondering about the word.  Recovery.  To RE-cover.  I don’t know about it.  It feels too much like covering something up – hiding.  To re-cover our wounds.  I much prefer DIS-covery.  Let’s break down all the walls and see what’s ticking inside.  That sounds more fun.  And honest, even if a bit reckless.

*   *   *

This blogging is a funny thing.  Here we are, talking to ourselves, many of us begging for attention.  If you pull the frame back and look at the big picture, it’s what we’re doing – chattering away to ourselves, hoping we notice.  So many of us live such isolated lives that we need to reach through these machines to have contact with life.  I’m not judging the internet.  It is neither good nor bad.  It is merely a tool.  But perhaps looking at it will help us make sense of it.

Some people make a living blogging.  Good for them.  Many offer content of real substance.  But many are out there just making noise.  Anybody who does a bit of blogging, however casually, has likely had their page ‘Followed’ or ‘Liked’ by various ‘professional bloggers’ looking to share their empowered lifestyle and offer opportunities to cash in on website clicks.  We look at their pages and wonder about the legitimacy of their claims.  But what are they actually saying?  Are they simply generating buzz and traffic so their sites will make more money?  This seems to be the case with many of them.

I guess I got thinking about this because I noticed a blog I “follow” asking for money.  It was one of the first blogs I ever followed.  I followed him because he was following me.  He found my page and liked it.  I thought he must have appreciated the content.  Now I realize he was likely just drumming up more traffic for his own page.  He has more than 100,000 ‘Followers’, and in his current campaign he has had only 8 donations (in over three weeks), totalling just over $100.  What does that say?  These ‘Likes’ and ‘Follows’ feel rather flimsy in this light, don’t they?

Why are we running around chasing our tails?  We so easily get caught in the trap of seeking attention, forgetting first to check if we have something to say.  I’m not claiming to be any better than anyone else.  We’re all in this together.  But I know that no amount of ‘Likes’ or ‘Follows’ will bring any lasting satisfaction or happiness.  It’s an inside out job.  So let’s stop accumulating and chasing things outside of ourselves.  Take a minute.  Take a breath.  Feel your heart.  See what’s already here.  (I’m reminding myself…)

As for this entry, I’m not looking for attention, or happiness.  I just started typing and this is what happened.  I wanted to honour my commitment to write a Monday blog.  Here it is, in all its raw, rambling glory.  It was supposed to be about recovery.  Maybe it is.  I’m still working on it.


Here’s a nice little song about recovery.  I highly recommend it: New Buffalo – Recovery.

From the Sickbed

Not much energy to say a whole lot today.  I have spent most of the last three days in bed, sleeping a lot, dealing with quite a bug.  It’s a bad cold, I guess.  I have not felt sick to my stomach once, but these never-ending aches and overall exhaustion are rocking my body.  I have been glad to watch it all at times with a calm, meditative perspective, taking it as a growth opportunity.  That is obviously sunny-side thinking, which I am grateful for.  And I do believe it is an opportunity, as anything can be.  I really can’t do much but lay in bed, alternating waves of cold or heat rushing over me, so I have the time to be very aware of my thinking.  I see how it influences my reaction to this bout of illness.  At times I am so alert and aware that my mind falls perfectly silent.  These are peaceful moments.  I see that they are the foundation for all else – the silence.  Like I have learned in the past, a great storm has the potential to show you the calm at its heart.  I feel blessed to be checking in regularly with this calm.  That said, I could still benefit from some ‘good vibrations’ sent out from anyone reading this.  Send a positive thought of healing and perhaps I’ll bounce back a bit sooner.  Either way, all I can do is let it all play out.

As the bug was setting in, a part of me almost relished the chance to laze in bed for a day with movies and soup.  The reality is far from what I’d dreamt up.  I only managed to watch one movie yesterday, the effort of following it exhausting enough.  I didn’t manage any the day before, sleeping through most of the day.  Both yesterday morning and this morning I arose feeling as if it was fading away, but it seems to step up a bit and progress once I am awake.  So, I will keep patient and faithful and do my best not to wrestle with this.  I hope not too many have to face this bug.  It’s no fun.  Let this be a call to ratchet up your preventative measures!  Gargle hot salt water.  Drink lemon water.  Eat an orange.  Have some tea with ginger and honey.  If you’re bold, toss back a clove of garlic.  Drink lots of water.  Don’t get caught with your guard down on this one!

Time to crawl back into bed.



It’s January Fifth!

The home of the J-5 Crew!

January 5

It turns out I have a whole bunch of friends born on this day. Two of my best friends share this birthday (and incidentally, they also share the names of my parents). We are going to head out to celebrate it tonight. It seems there are a few other cool cats who share birthdays today. A couple of my favourite random traveller buddies from my years on the road share this birthday, too. One of my current roommates is a fellow J-5 Crew member, as well as my Aunt, which I only recently learned about.  My cousin is due to give birth any moment, as today is her due date, so we may well be adding one more groovy soul to the J-5 Crew!

And that’s where my head has been at today. I thought about today’s full moon and wondered if it might give a wee boost to the baby waiting to jump out and join the world. Many suggest that the heightened energy of a full moon can offer a nudge to mothers-in-the-making. I just hope that everything goes well, whenever the young one joins us.

I was out for a swim this morning with my Godson James and his twin sister Josie (as well as their mother, my good friend Michelle).  They are just over a year old now and they were loving the swim in the shallow (and slightly warmer) waters of the nearby kiddie pool. I love being around learning. I love learning myself, of course, but in general it is a great energy to be around. Discovery. It can also be scary, which is why so many of us grow up and shut ourselves off from the raw power and potential of the unknown. We would rather be ‘safe’ and ‘stable’ than expanding and exploring. This is understandable. But I think we would all benefit from a deep dive into the murky waters of mystery once in a while.

It looks like this will be another quick Monday blog…and wholly off the cuff, as my holiday ramblings have tended to be. It’s dinnertime now and I am soon heading out to help a friend move some furniture. Then off for some J-5 birthday celebrations (and perhaps a Gold Medal celebration for the young Canadian hockey players…) I am heading back to Montreal in the morning and getting back into my work routine. It’s been a lovely break spending time with my family but it’s time to return to work.

I hope you all embrace the opportunity to grow into this New Year and dive into the unknown. Let it challenge and change you. You will only be stronger for it.

Happy Monday, Happy Full Moon and Happy Birthday to all the J-5 Crew out there!!!